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Preparing for Pilgrimage by choosing Low Cost Umrah Packages

Umrah as one of the obligatory acts of worship and has a great significance for Muslims. As it is the most important journey of anyone’s life so it is necessary to go prepared for it. Reading few books and asking some relatives is not enough to set up for a sacred journey. One must understand the deeper meaning of Hajj. Places related to the rituals of umrah involve many emotions and feelings. The spiritual journey begins following the footsteps of our Prophet (PBUH) and his dignified companions. When one assumes Ihram and start approaching towards the House of Allah, his heart comes closer to Allah and his house Kaaba. Talbiyah is verbally announcement of surrendering you in front of your Creator, the one who is only worth of worship. The real journey of Hajj begins with traveling to Mina, a place to awake ourselves and choose a right path. Then there comes a day of Arafah which reminds about the Day of Judgment, the only difference between them is that when you gather at Arafah, you have a chance to regret your sins but judgment day is only referred to a result day. This day is celebration day for Muslims and Allah, People beg for amnesty and Allah Almighty forgives them. The ritual of stoning pebbles is similar to rejecting the filthiness of devil and accepting the truth by obeying Allah. Farewell Tawaf is one of the important rituals as it means that you may never return here again so take the advantage of looking at Kaaba now. The whole journey is taken up as the servant of Allah who is yearning for the right path. When you choose Low Cost Umrah Packages make sure that proper workshops are arranged for pilgrims so that they can have successful journey.

Many people start thinking about it in the holy month of Ramadan but usually end up with low budget problems.  So, in order to make your wishes come true Al Hijaz Tours has organized few budget friendly yet luxury Low Cost Umrah Packages and there is a special discount on early bookings.


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